I feel bad about this review because this is the first time I’ve decided to review a show without finishing it. I’ll change the review if I actually decide to finish the series but that outlook is bleak.

GLOW, or the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, is a new TV pitch. What if we combined the super popular wrestling, wait for it, with women?! Gold mine. And since this was the 80s, I assume they all did cocaine about it.

Anyways, the show is about making the show. From casting the unlikely talent (actresses who don’t mind or don’t get enough work to care about being sexualized) to managing the extreme personalities. GLOW gets bonus points for a nicely diverse cast of mostly women. It doesn’t for focusing on the two hottest white ones.

GLOW is….frustrating. It’s moderately amusing. Which is not enough to justify it’s super fun premise. And it’s not dramatic enough to make that super fun premise ironic. God, it just flops from episode to episode. SO. SLOWLY. Is the show supposed to be a subversive look at feminism? That’s what other reviewers seem to think. I think that making a few jokes about the patriarchy here and there just gives you a film of subversiveness, when really you just have a lazy show.

I love Alison Brie, I really do. And I did really enjoy that in most things she is automatically liked for being hot/nice/funny, and in GLOW everyone hates her no matter what she does. Now that’s funny to me. Surprised to find that Marc Maron is actually a decent actor and literally the best part about the whole show as the grumpy director trying to bring a crazy vision to life.

It just became a waste of my time. This whole dramedy business has me down. If you’re going to do it, do it right. Make me laugh a lot, then hit me with that one sad episode I’ll remember forever. Maybe GLOW is your thing, especially if you like Orange Is The New Black, but it ain’t mine.

2 out of 4 stars.

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