The World’s End

Like every other film nerd out there, I love Edgar Wright. His comedies are the creme de la creme of visual humor. The World’s End is the finale of the “cornetto trilogy” and while it’s not the best, in fact it may be his worst, the film is still incredibly enjoyable and much more clever than any American comedy.

Gary King (Pegg) lives off nostalgia. His best days were in high school, and he hasn’t changed a bit since then. But one fact irks him. He and his buddies never completed “The Golden Mile.” A 12-stop tour of every bar in his hometown. The last time they tried, they failed, and Gary King doesn’t like to fail. All his friends may have grown up and gotten big boy jobs, but their fearless leader knows how to trick them into getting the band back together.

One hitch, their hometown has been taken over by aliens.

Re-watching this film teaches you one thing: Edgar Wright is a master filmmaker in control of every aspect. Dialogue leads to imagery, imagery leads to audio, audio leads to dialogue. Scenes connect and reconnect, in-jokes are created and reworked, callbacks you didn’t know were callbacks pop up, and Simon Pegg acts his face off around it all.

I love this film, and you should too. It’s incredibly detailed. It’s hilarious. And there’s a scene where Nick Frost uses bar stools as boxing gloves.

BUT, as with any film, it has some flaws. Mostly to do with it’s ending. The action ramps up and up and up and devolves into an extended chase sequence and an ending that’s neither here nor there. It’s logical but it’s also ridiculous.

Oh well, enjoy the ride. And definitely have a beer while you watch.

3.5 out of 4 stars.

Note for fans of Edgar Wright. Hot Fuzz gets four stars. Shaun of the dead gets 3.5, but it’s definitely a better film than The World’s End. Just can’t stomach giving a film in the Cornetto trilogy worse than a 3.5.

2 thoughts on “The World’s End

  1. I was able to do an extensive comparative essay on Shaun of the Dead and The World’s End when I was in college, and it gave me an even greater appreciation for the writing of Pegg and Wright, as well as the latter’s directing prowess. Great review!


    1. Dude, that must have been so fun. It’s insane how much I criticize Baby Driver for things like plot failings when it is so much more everything-ly impressive and detailed than a Paul Feig film. Still sad we didn’t get an Ant Man film from him.

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