The Expanse: Season 1

I’ve reviewed a couple of the books in this series now. Time to dive into the Syfy channel original series based on the novels.

In essence, Season 1 of this show is a very solid play by play of the first novel. When a water hauler stops to investigate a distress signal in the depths of space, they set off a political minefield throughout our galaxy. There are those who want to fan the flames, those who are looking for peace at any cost, and a secret faction playing god with an alien artifact, something known as the protomolecule.

If you’ve read the books, all your favorite characters are here to play. For book lovers The Expanse is a reward worth savoring. A TV show that respects the source material, employs both of its authors as advisers, and clearly has a killer budget.

If you’re looking for Firefly, this ain’t it. What it is, is a serious science fiction drama with all the political intrigue that comes with that. Think more Battlestar Galactica.

The Expanse gets serious points for taking it’s setting seriously. Watching magboots get activated for the first time in zero gravity or watching a bullet go right through the hull is an immense pleasure.

It will be harder to access for people who didn’t read the books. The accents are thick, and the terminology rarely explained. But this is a well-made, very diverse offering from the channel that brings you Sharknado every other year.

3 out of 4 stars.

P.S. Don’t you wish Avasarala actually swore like she’s supposed to?

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