The Good Place: Season 2

Have you watch Season 1 of The Good Place? No? Go do that. Do not keep reading.


Got through it? Did you love it? Of course you did.




How awesome was that twist? Caught me completely off guard. Not the kind of mind bending about-face you expect in a comedy but they pulled it off with style. Only Ted Danson could switch from benevolent angel to malevolent demon at the flick of a button.

But, you probably had the same thought as me. With a restart ending like that, how in the world would they accomplish anything as good in Season 2? We can’t just watch the first season again. (or for a third time if you’re me). They can’t possibly keep it going right?

Spoiler alert: they do. Somehow, for another season, they pulled it off again. At first, it seems like all your fears will come true. But they find more and more ways to keep it fresh, keep the plot moving, and keep me interested.

As with the first season, season 2 is knee-slappingly funny. The creative team behind this cast of unique characters has free and deliberate reign. I almost cried when Ted Danson put on a new Axe body spray that was Transformers flavored. “How do you smell loud and confusing?!”

The Good Place is still at the top of it’s game. I still wonder how they are going to keep it going into a third season but they have my vote of confidence now. This is still the best comedy on network TV right now.

4 out of 4 stars.

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