The Lego Ninjago Movie

A small caveat for this one: I watched it on a plane. Which almost immediately lowers it’s rating because I’m miserable no matter what.

The third film in Lego’s plan to monopolize our children’s attention, the Ninjago movie is the first to rely completely on an exclusively Lego property. You won’t see Batman or Superman flying around in this one. A fully realized world, vaguely Asian world of Ninjas, samurai, and giant robots. The city of Ninjago is constantly attacked by Gorgadon, who wants to conquer and rule it. The only thing stopping him are several power ranger-esque teens who Jackie Chan has built giant elemental based mechs for.

It has all the building blocks of a Lego movie. Fast paced humor, visually inventive battles and designs, a heart warming message about some aspect of friendship and self accomplishment. But this time around, it’s just a little childish. The jokes aren’t as funny or sharp. The plot meanders on for a while. And it’s just not as fun as the original or the Lego Batman movie. It could be the voice actors aren’t as A-list as usual, but I think it’s the writing. Forced and stilted with less polish.

Complaining about a kid’s movie is super odd because it’s not for me technically. Children will probably still love it, I have no doubt about it. I just wish it was as creative as the properties before it.

2 out of 4 stars.

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