Peaky Blinders: Season 4

I had a love/hate relationship with Peaky Blinders for a while. I loved the sets, the acting, the music, the pure style. It was intoxicating. But I couldn’t tell if it was good, or just slick.

I think I just stopped trying to figure that question out.

If you haven’t watched Peaky Blinders before, this might get a bit confusing. My recommendation, if you like crime shows and British accents, start watching. It’s all on Netflix.

Season 4 kicks off like most of the Blinders’ seasons. A couple of years later so we don’t have to deal with the immediate problems implied by the ending of the last season. It’s kind of hilarious how the writers set up some story-lines and then in the off-season just go, eh screw it.

There’s a new enemy in town. Besides all the family infighting. The New York mafia has come to claim vengeance upon the Shelbys for a murder I’m definitely not remembering from a previous season. And the BBC went out of it’s way to find an awesome actor to play the mafia boss: Adrien Brody. Doing his best Godfather interpretation.

If you liked Peaky Blinders before, you’re just going to keep on liking it. The guns, the cocaine, the smoking, the whiskey drinking, the incomprehensible accents, it’s all here. Plus you get to watch two acting greats: Cillian Murphy and Adrien Brody, go head to head. You also get to watch Tom Hardy and Adrien Brody go head to head. What more do you want?! Oh, you want someone to actually die that’s important to the story? Boom, done. In the first episode, even.

As always, Tommy treats women like playthings. And they unrealistically eat it up like idiots with male screenwriters. Can’t someone he has to honeypot be like a homely girl, or a dude? It’s always some beautiful woman. I know it’s the setup for the next season but damn that union stuff was boring.

Good season, but yet again, I’m left wondering if they can keep the magic going. Before all the actors get lung cancer and die.

3.5 out of 4 stars.

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