Logan Lucky

In the heist movie genre, there is one man we can usually trust: director Steven Soderbergh.

In West Virginia, it’s widely known that there’s one family that has bad luck: the Logans. Eldest son Jimmy (Channing Tatum) just lost his job because of an injury that forces him to limp everywhere. Younger son Clyde (Adam Driver) lost his arm in Iraq. And younger sister Mellie (Riley Keough) is too beautiful …or something. Not sure how she ties into the family lore beyond that.

Jimmy is tired of the talk around town. And honestly, I think he just really wants to rob someone, because after losing his job he hatches a plan to steal the haul from a local speedway, on the day of a NASCAR race. But they need help from famed local criminal Joe Bang (Daniel Craig). One problem: he’s in prison. So they have to break him out AND rob a well defended speedway.

Slick and smooth, that’s the Soderbergh way. Imagine Ocean’s Eleven but fill it with southern accents, simple yet fantastic dialogue, and characters who aren’t smarmy versions of the actors that play them.

It’s not the best heist film. It’s not the most re-watchable. It has some weird choices (Seth Mcfarlane as an Australian(?) race car owner). But it’s just a lot of fun, as any good heist movie should be. Audiences eat this shit up, and I certainly did. Doesn’t matter that the reasoning for committing a crime is thinner than Katie Holmes’ tan job, all we want is likable people pulling off the insane. And some cool shots to boot.

3 out of 4 stars.

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