The Disaster Artist

It appears that Seth Rogen and James Franco have reached a point in their careers where they just point at random shit and say, “I want to do that.”

The fact that it’s usually really entertaining doesn’t keep me from jealous-hating on them all the same.

Even if you haven’t seen it, you’ve probably heard of The Room. The unabashed “worst” movie of all time. I personally haven’t seen it, but I’ve seen enough clips to know what kind of horrors await inside: terrible acting, cringey dialogue, plotlines that go nowhere, and almost zero production value. But it has achieved cult status because it is so bad. Trolls 2 level of bad. And that’s in no small part thanks to the writer/director of the film Tommy Wiseau: a clearly Eastern European man with an endless pocketbook, a ridiculous accent, and a dream.

Which is why The Disaster Artist is such a goddamn funny movie. James Franco absolutely inhabits Tommy Wiseau. The accent, the movements, the weird inflections that sometimes sound Kardashian-esque. Couple that with a quite funny script about a best friendship and a behind the scenes look at the making of the worst film ever, and you’ve got gold on your hands.

The Disaster Artist might even be a commentary on who gets to make films. Should it only be talented people? Should uncreative, yet ambitious people be encouraged to give up their dreams? In my opinion, yes. But that doesn’t really matter when you have a bunch of money, right? You do what you want and the public gets to decide your fate.

It’s not something I’d want to rewatch, but it was a hoot the whole time I did.

3 out of 4 stars.


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