Smuttynose: Pinniped Special

I’m back in New Hampshire so this blog is going to feature a lot more New England beers. First up, a New Hampshire staple, Smuttynose Brewing and a beer of theirs I haven’t had before.

A Vienna-style lager, Pinniped pours smooth and maintains a small foamy head. The color is a slightly light amber. Strong malty smell right off the bat. mouth-feel is nicely carbonated. It’s a little lighter on taste than a lot of Vienna lager’s I’ve had recently, which tend to have that pretzel/pumpernickle flavoring to them reminiscent of darker breads. But this beer is a solid example of that old world style. Tastes like a beer you’d drink at Oktoberfest and it is pretty yum.

2.5 out of 4 stars. Would crush a six pack.

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