Odd 13: Hopperella IPA

Seriously, if you ever get to Colorado, head out to Odd 13 in Lafayette. They are doing the coolest stuff and they have the most interesting beer.

Hopperella pours smooth with minimal head. The beer gives off a faintly funky aroma. It’s nice and hazy, almost the color of orange juice, which is probably the intent given the taste. Because it’s basically orange. Blasts of orange, tangerine, mandarin and a little melon, this is one citrusy beer. My beer friend tells me that the astringent taste I get in the back of my throat after I finish one of these is because the hops are so fresh. Not sure why that matters but that’s probably the only complaint I had. (who complains about fresh hops?!) Hopperella is a totally unique brew. Even your IPA hating friend will enjoy something this flavorful.

3.5 out of 4 stars. Would gift.

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