Going in Style

Every year there is always that one film filled to the brim with old actors doing something they shouldn’t be doing. Usually, it’s trying to pick up women. This year, it’s robbing a bank.

Joe Harding (Michael Caine), Willie Davis (Morgan Freeman), and Albert Garner (Alan Arkin) are the best of friends. They worked at some sort of steel plant in New York (??? doubt that) for years and years and now they are living off their pensions. But of course, the big wig fat cats up top have sold the company and the new company is using up that pension money.

Instead of a lawsuit, they decide to go a different direction: rob the very bank that Joe witnessed getting robbed in the beginning of the film.

Which is a fun premise. But completely lacking in any motivation besides desperation. None of these guys have a sketchy backstory where they were street thugs or something. They literally just find a random veterinarian that Joe’s son-in-law insists is a bad dude and take all his advice on robbing banks. It pays off of course but it is completely ludicrous.

But I suppose that’s the point. It’s a film about three octogenarians robbing a bank. What should I really expect? It’s billed as a comedy and there are some chuckle-worthy moments, but all-in-all it’s not that funny. In many respects, it’s kind of like hanging out with older relatives. There’s a funny story or two but it gets boring real fast.

Except for Alan Arkin, that man can say anything and I will laugh out loud over and over again.

Simple, quick, and saved only by the sheer charm and will of it’s aging stars, Going in Style is probably not going to be your family’s favorite friday night movie.

2 out of 4 stars.

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