The Big Sick

If this film doesn’t hit you like a bad case of the flu, you’re probably already in a coma.

Kumail (playing himself) is a struggling stand up comic/uber driver in chicago, doing his best to make people laugh, and trying to keep his parents from setting him up with more Pakistani women. As an immigrant to America, Kumail is subconsciously shunning his family’s values and traditions, especially when it comes to women. After a show he meets Emily (Zoe Kazan) a sparkly, no-nonsense unless its fun nonsense kind of girl who clearly has a fetish for comedians. They hit it off pretty well.

Well, until she finds Kumail’s stash of photos and bios of the Pakistani women his mom wants him to date. They split and Kumail assumes that’s the end.

Right until the day Emily falls into a coma from a disease the doctors can’t figure out.

Did I mention it’s a true story?

This movie is probably the best rom-com of the new millenium. It’s probably in the top five in general. It is so damn real. It is so damn funny, and it is so damn heartbreaking sometimes.

I’ve always loved Kumail. If you aren’t watching Silicon Valley, you should be. And his comedic prowess is on display here. If you’ve listened to his standup before, you’ll hear some repeats, but god they are still funny. Great turns by Bo Burnham and Aidy Bryant as well.

Being a comedy, this movie gives him a chance to shine, but being a true story definitely allowed Kumail to get through the dramatic acting bits. He’s a little weak in these moments but his heart is completely out there.

Fantastic supporting turns by Ray Romano and Holly Hunter as Emily’s parents coming in to see their daughter only to have to spend time with her ex-boyfriend. Thankfully, they are both well-rounded characters with a lot to add to the drama and humor of the entire movie.

It’s got a lot of heart. And it feels real, because it is real. It’s a lovely, small movie that showcases the many talents of its star, and shows that love is confusing and weird, but ultimately the greatest thing we can give.

4 out of 4 stars

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