The Bands of Mourning

I really need to start reviewing books when I finish the books instead of weeks later. It’s playing havoc with my memory.

What I do remember was quite enjoyable.

This is the first novel that takes our heroes Wax, Wayne, Melaan, Steris, and Marasi, head out to a far away city at the behest of the Kandra to find locate two things. First, one of their fellow Kandra’s spikes, and second, the bands of mourning. The Lord Ruler apparently bestowed a feruchemical device that allows any person with any abilities whatsoever, to use every metal ability.

i.e. you get to become a god just like the Lord Ruler. So, of course Wax’s uncle has to be involved. But twist time, he has Wax’s long-thought-dead sister.

What you loved in the first two Wax and Wayne novels, you’ll love in this one. Snappy, hilarious dialogue, action sequences that would make John Wick cream, and beautifully rendered characters. Honestly, it’s hard to remember anything bad about this book. I love the characters and their arcs very much. I love the addition of a new race of people far to the south. And I love that Steris is an actual character, which much have been a real tough job to produce but she really is an enjoyable person.

And there’s a great talk with god. I love it when books have a theological discussion that actually provides some answers, feels fleshed out, and isn’t a complete cop out. Sanderson has done it well here.

More of the stuff you love, with the promise of some exciting things in the future of these characters. Go get it.

3 1/2 out of 4 stars.

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