The Alloy of Law

I was a little lukewarm on the last book of the first mistborn trilogy. So I was also a bit hesitant when diving into this new series within the same universe. My fears were unfounded and I found the same exact excitement I encountered when I picked up Mistborn. This book is awesome.

Jumping ahead some years, the world of Allomancers has evolved into something resembling 1880 America. There’s kind of a wild west outside of the city and cars/electricity have just become popularized.

Lord Waxillium Ladrian returns to the city of Elendel after a stint as a lawman out in the Roughs. Wax is an allomancer and a feruchemist. He can push on metal and take and give himself away weight at will. And he’s returned to a noble house in shambles after his Uncle misappropriated all of his funds.

But there’s trouble in the city. A new gang called the vanishers is stealing shipments of rare metals. And now they are kidnapping women with allomantic genetics. With some encouragement from his deputy buddy, Wayne, Wax is jumping back in to the fight.

Astoundingly funny, The Alloy of Law is a great introduction to the Mistborn world of the future. Every character is a fleshed out gold mine of dialogue. The action is, as always, amazingly scripted. And we have a main character who isn’t basically god. He only has two powers, complimented by Wayne’s two different powers as well. Wax has to work in a team to make things happen. And they come up against a baddie who has a completely different set of powers to match theirs against. Wit, and a steady aim is what saves the day here. And saves the series by giving it a jolt of new life.

4 out of 4 stars.

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