This book gives me hope and also crushes my dreams. It gives me hope because it is a self published novel that found success and is now a new york times bestseller. It crushes my dreams because it’s much better written than my novel.

There is only the silo. Everything outside of the silo is death. And everything in the silo needs to work perfectly, or the inside will also be death. To keep it running smoothly, the IT department knows things that others don’t know.

But Juliette is about to find out exactly what that is.

Wool is post-apocalypse at it’s most simple and it’s most elegant. A tiny, contained story that bursts with drama, horror, and action. You’ll probably find yourself comparing it to the film Snowpiercer.

Hugh Howey does a fantastic job of creating the world of the silo and effectively populating it with real, unique individuals who inspire love and hatred. Besides a fairly lackluster villain, the twists are emotional and the deaths heartbreaking. This novel is extremely well-paced and it was hard to put down when every chapter ends in a tiny or gigantic cliffhanger.

Whilst the ultimate come-comeuppance is a bit…disappointing, the novel as a whole is a joyous ride through a new yet familiar world.

3 1/2 out of 4 stars.

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