Samuel Adams: Summer Ale

This is a hard beer for me to review because it’s one I grew up on. You always have a fondness for the first beers you have even if there are for sure better ones out there. But Sam’s Summer is one of their better seasonal ales.

Lemon aromas hit you immediately and this guy can foam up out of it’s murky unfiltered wheat depths with a vengeance. The mouth feel is that of blue moon but the flavor is a lot less citrus-y than the aroma suggests. It’s actually got quite a bit of malt taste left in there. To be honest, it can taste like a lemony Heineken. Which instantly turned off a lot of people, but I for one enjoy a really cold Heineken on a hot day. Therefore, I enjoy Sam’s Summer Ale and it’s mildly fruity twist on the drinkable summer wheat ale.

2 1/2 out of 4 stars. Would crush a six pack.

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