The Hero of Ages

Again, please look past the book cover. I put this one up because it’s the version I read but there are better covers out there for this pretty awesome series.

The consequences of releasing the power of Ruin at the Well of Ascension are being realized. The ash is falling more quickly, the mists are killing people who go out at night. The Koloss are rampaging across the globe. Vin, Elend, and Sazed are learning just how much evil the Lord Ruler was actually keeping at bay. In his wisdom, he established five caverns around his kingdom, each containing a clue and provisions meant to help humanity survive the coming calamity. For Ruin has but one goal, to destroy the world.

Despite an uptick in Koloss encounters, this book bored me for most of its pages. Which is sad, because I enjoyed the first two immensely. And I honestly think it was just a case of genre fatigue. Because the answers in this book are astounding. Quite literally, every little detail was important in the first two books. Everything gets tied up and all questions get answered. Even the ones you didn’t know to ask.

Especially wonderful is the encounter with an actual godhead. I feel like in so many novels, a god encounter is so frustrating and unfulfilling. They either mumble some bullshit about the way of the world or give the hero a macguffin to defeat something or they do both. Defeating Ruin makes sense, requires logic, and feels rewarding.

So, to recap, I was kind of bored, but when the novel started ramping up in the last two hundred pages, I couldn’t put it down. A satisfyingly violent ending, with the right mix of death, discovery, and hope.

3 out of 4 stars.

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