Lagunitas: Hop Stoopid Ale

This may look like a bomber but this beer actually comes in a 6 pack now.

This beer pours a deep golden color. Very little head that disappears quickly. Described as a double IPA, owing to it’s generous 8% ABV, Hop Stoopid is definitely hoppy. Especially on the nose. The taste isn’t as hoppy as you think a beer named hop stoopid would be. But it kind of leaves notes of bad hops after it goes down. I smack my tongue a lot trying to get rid of the taste, like when you know the fruit you just ate was a little past it’s prime.

Take that with a grain of salt because I’m a wuss when it comes to hoppy beers. I just think there are better ones.

2 out of 4 stars. Would give to a hop head.

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