Cigar City Brewing: Tampa-Style Lager

Anyone who knows me knows I love lagers. But a Tampa-style lager? That’s new.

And it’s not great. Beer pours the color you’d expect it too, a small head disappears pretty fast and leaves a small ring. Certainly smells like a lager, but the taste is hard to nail down. It’s pretty close to Heineken. Pretty strong corn notes. It can foam up in your mouth like a cream ale if you accidental swish it. What’s most noticeable is the dry, almost cloying feel to the liquid. It stays in there, coating your mouth. Luckily, I got this for free. And it better be as cheap as a PBR or else I won’t buy it again.

1 1/2 out of 4 stars. Would forget about it in my fridge until it goes bad.

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