Morning Star

At long last, we come to the end of this enriching, better than it should be trilogy. It’s been a bloodydamn fine ride.

It’s nine months after the events of the second novel. Darrow is held captive in a tiny box by the Jackal. His friends are dead for all he knows. Gold rules again probably. And he’ll never get the chance to see anyone again. That is, until some brave souls break in and rescue him for certain death.

Now comes the final stages of war. Darrow must unite the lowcolors, trick and/or convince high colors to work with him, and destroy way more institutions and dynasties than he did in the last novel.

There’s a lot of the second book in here. Betrayals, 11th hour reveals of plans laid before that the reader only gets to see when they happen in action, and lots of ‘boyos’ thrown around. Pierce Brown continues to have a way with words, but it is a little like digging up the horse and beating it when Darrow ruminates on whether or not he should be the reaper now or later. Should he try to redeem his friends? Should he be the mass murderer he originally was supposed to be? Why can’t he decide! Why indeed, you’d think the boy would have learned complete confidence in his actions at this point.

So the real enjoyable character falls to Sevro’s worthy shoulders. This is his growth novel, and it’s quite a ride watching Darrow drag him kicking and screaming to the moral high ground. A great actor better portray him in the inevitable movie/tv show.

As always, I’ve compared this series to The Hunger Games. Thankfully, Morning Star is a much better conclusion to the tale than whatever the third Hunger Games was. (I’ve literally tried to purge it from my memory). It’s not as ambitious as the second, nor as unique as the first. But it has the conclusion you’ve yearned for since the beginning. With some good twists, and yes, deaths along the way. Sharpen your razors, reader, because the Reaper is coming.

3 1/2 out of 4 stars.


P.S. There is a terrible bye felicia joke in this book. It’s very groan worthy.

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