Zoolander 2

In cash-grabbing Hollywood, this film was a real surprise. A sequel over 15 years later? About characters most pg-13 year olds have not seen on screen?

Obviously, the studio paid for it. It was a flop critically and it didn’t make much money. And it wasn’t even that funny.

Derek Zoolander’s school for kids who can’t read good collapsed soon after opening because he had it built with model materials i.e. popsicle sticks. It killed his wife, cut Hansel’s face, and the government took away his child because he’s clearly not a good parent.

15 years later (get it?) Derek and Hansel are invited to Rome to participate in a new fashion show, right as several of America’s most famous beautiful people are being murdered and leaving behind Zoolander’s signature look.

There were times when I laughed out loud in this movie. I’ll admit it, and I’m not ashamed. Kyle Mooney as the new wave of hipster models is hilarious. Hansel’s orgy of eleven people, led by none either than Keifer Sutherland, all get pregnant. Zoolander mispronouncing things.

But the rest of the film is too focused on callbacks from the original and thirty minutes too long runtime. The final act of this movie absolutely drags and that’s when we finally see Mugatu return.

Overall, I’m glad it was free on Hulu.

1 out of 4 stars

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