The Fall of Hyperion

Hyperion was so good, I immediately grabbed the sequel. It is also good.

But it’s really only good for science fiction fans. It’s harder to recommend this one to regular book reading folk.

The Fall of Hyperion picks up immediately where Hyperion left off. The Ousters are about to attack, the pilgrims have arrived at the time tombs, and a books worth of set up is about to gloriously climax. And it does climax. The action is ratcheted up a thousand fold. The female characters get a hell of a lot more time and characterization. Author Dan Simmons shows us how much more he loves John Keats than you or anyone else.

But the novelty of the first books narrative style, the separate unique stories, is replaced by something a little tamer. Told semi through “experience” dreams that a cybrid is having (an AI creation that is both fully human and fully an artificial intelligence.) and semi through actual people experiencing things. The first person third person jumps kind of throw you for a loop. Especially when they don’t feel consistent. It could be that I’m just a bad reader.

It’s still a great novel, and the pair of them will influence me for a long time. But the sequel doesn’t live up to the original. Even if its quite exciting, we get a satisfying conclusion, and its one damn good piece of literature.

3 1/2 out of 4 stars.




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