Oskar Blues: Death By Coconut

“Flavored” porters are an illusive bunch for me. There’s so many out there, but so few of them meet my mighty expectations for flavor and taste. Death By Coconut is one of the few this year that succeeded.

This guy pours black and can develop a huge head that takes a while to dissipate. You’re hit almost immediately by the coconut scent if you get your nose anywhere near the beer with your nose. But the flavor isn’t as strong. Certainly not mild, but not overwhelming. I found myself enjoying it more as I drank it. Definitely a dessert beer, Death By Coconut satisfied my craving for a flavored porter that drinks easy, but also satisfies my stomach the way a milkshake would. It certainly isn’t missing any flavor, but more than one might make you feel like a barrel.

3 out of 4 stars. Would get as an end of the night pint.

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