Into The Guns

I am ashamed. I was not able to finish this book. I got around the halfway point and realized that I shouldn’t waste my life when I have so many other books to read. But I always regret leaving a book behind.

To be fair to Into the Guns, this genre is right in my wheelhouse. Just look at that cover art. Damn. Couldn’t have been more pumped. I expected Die Hard but I got Live Free or Die Hard. It’s a long way to fall.

The plot, as I understand it, totally made sense. Some meteors actually hit the Earth, effing a lot of stuff up. Like Washington D.C. China thought they were being attacked (despite having space radar and satellites) and launched some nukes and hit mostly U.S. targets. They said “Our bad” and we were too deep in the shit to go after them. Now, America has to rebuild. BUT some southern free market types want to turn the South into the New Confederacy. And, I’m going to bet, oppress some black people on the sly.

My biggest problem with the book was how little faith it has in humanity. Almost immediately, people are looting and killing and a warlord fucking runs Las Vegas. What the hell? The meteor just hit like two days ago. The stars of the show, some army unit up in the Northwest, have to kill civilians in the first week. Like there was some criminal element just waiting for chaos to become the worst possible people. Give it some time, damn. I can believe people will get desperate, but not that fast or at that level.

Also, almost every character talked in questions. Where am I going? Is my Dad still alive? Does it matter? What’s this gun do? And then they shoot a couple civilians. At this point, I can’t blame the civilians for wanting to off the army. But I also can, because they want to off the army super fast. Is this a rash decision? Does it matter?

I don’t need to tell you that the plot holes are thick and juicy. And that Michelle Rodriguez would definitely be cast in the movie version. I’ve read much better pulp books. You can too.

0 stars.

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