Avery: Old Jubilation Ale

Winter Ale’s are kind of my favorite. They are one of the few seasonal ales that make sense and taste good. (Looking at you Fall pumpkin pissbrews.)

Old Jubilation is a nice, straightforward ale from Avery. It’s a rich mahogany in color. There’s enough hops that you can smell it on the pour, but can’t taste it. What’s most impressive is the combo of flavors Avery has gotten out of a beer that has no spices in it. Just a combination of different malts and barleys. No pizzazz, just good brewing. It’s sweet, caramel-y, hints of toffee, a little walnut, and lots of other Christmas-y stuff you could find if you have better taste buds than me. It’s quite delicious, and exactly the heavy ale I’d want on a snowy day. And it doesn’t taste even close to the 8.3% this brew is rocking.

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