Eddyline: River Runners Pale Ale

I was eyeing this guy on the shelf for a while. I love the art style, customers have been buying it hand over fist, and it comes in tall boy six packs for a kind of reasonable 11.99. I could certainly do worse.

River Runners has a very light color to it. Pretty close to a White IPA if I had to make a comparison. In fact, if you were blind taste testing you’d probably consider this an IPA. There’s a big hop right on the front of the can. The odor is distinctly hoppy, more pine than citrus, but there is an element of lemon in there. But the beer finishes nice and crisp. It’s exactly as advertised because it honestly tastes like drinking river water in a pine forest. Clean and hoppy. Well named River Runners, well named.

3 out of 4 stars. Would buy the 6 pack for a camping trip.

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