The Lost Fleet: Dauntless

I’m a real sucker for pulp-y sci-fi. It might be a problem.

If you are too, you will enjoy this novel and probably all the subsequent novels. There’s apparently six in total. I can’t decide if I’m going to pick them all up.

The Lost Fleet is about exactly that. Black Jack Geary, long thought dead, is rescued from a hibernation pod just in time to watch the commanders of the fleet get executed by the Syndicate commanders. Even though Jack only feels like it’s been two weeks since he went into the pod, it’s actually been 100 years and the Alliance has lifted him to heroic status for his military actions a century ago. Now, he has to lead the fleet out of Syndicate space and back home.

It’s not the writing, which is fine. It’s not the characters, which are mostly just there. And it’s not the generic space baddies that you can find in any sci-fi novel that make The Lost Fleet interesting. It’s the politics. Jack has to maneuver around sailors and captains that revere him, but only to a point. Not only does he have to assert his command, despite no one really knowing the real him, he also has to fight in a world much different than his. It’s all politics and fleet actions. Which sound boring, but Campbell has made it interesting enough. It’s fun to watch Jack get into and out of trouble. Punish subordinates with a heavy hand? Or let their own mistakes crush them? It makes for a quick, easy read that will surely please/occupy any science fiction fan.

2 1/2 out of 4 stars.

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