Big Choice: Poblano Stout

This is an interesting one. A local too, so unless you’re in Colorado, you probably can’t get it just yet. Now, I’m not one for spicy beers but this is a compromise we can all agree on.

The beer pours smooth, doesn’t foam up as much as many stouts do. It’s got a nice, deep brown color to it. Lightly carbonated to let you enjoy the toffee, malty flavor. But the smell, oh the smell. They brew it with poblano seeds. You almost feel like sneezing when you take a whiff. But the taste is where we differ from a lot of “spicy” stouts. By just using the seeds, you get all the aroma and none of the spice. The beginning is classic stout, but it ends with this beautiful smoky flavor. Almost like a whiskey. You get fire breath for a second, but it’s not actually spicy. It goes extremely well with this burrito I’m eating. Overall, a great and unique stout for those of us who don’t want actual spiciness in our beers.

3 1/2 out of 4 stars. Would buy for a friend.

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