Sing Street

Despite my inability to understand Irish accents, I love watching movies from Ireland. Even if the subtitles are always on.

Sing Street is almost unbearably Irish. But in all the best kind of ways. 15 year old Conor’s parents are clearly on the rocks. They’ve run out of money so they have to send Conor to a new, less expensive school. Across the street, Conor sees the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen, Raphina. And in a show of sheer balls, convinces her that he’s in a band and they need a model to be in the music video. So now he needs to start a band.

Thankfully, he’s been heavily inundated with musical culture by his vinyl loving older brother. It doesn’t hurt that Conor has a decent voice. He finds some friends, they start a band, and go through that confusing stage of adolescence where you think you know everything and nothing at the same time.

If you liked That Thing You Do you’ll like this movie. It’s full of good music, both 80’s hits you know, and originals you’ll want to know. The cast is charming and exceedingly Irish. And despite some very sad scenes, or scenes that suggest more than they’re showing, it’s a movie that makes you feel good in the end. A delightful little trip to the 80s, with a little foreign flair.

3 out of 4 stars.

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