Apologies for the image. I couldn’t find a great one of the actual book cover. But it’s not a bad representation. It’s just as creepy.

Neuromancer , as far as I understand it, is one of the best works in the “Cyberpunk” genre of books. Think of it as the precursor to the stylings of Blade Runner or even The Matrix. It’s a futuristic dystopia essentially, where computers are all important, and most people are just scraping by.

The book follows Case, a once elite hacker who uses a neural networking device to “plug” himself into this future’s version of the internet. From there, Case could hack virtually anything: banks, governments, and secrets that need to be unveiled.

He’s pressed into a new job by the mysterious Armitage and assassin badass Molly with threats of death and promises of wild riches.

That’s as much as I can explain. It gets quite complicated from there. AI’s, security systems, Rastafarianism, and heavy drug use make significant appearances throughout. It’s a bit of a job to keep track of everything going down. Especially when Case is flipping into the network and flipping back out again.At points, it’s quite exciting, but many times I was just confused. Or wondering what the real stakes were.

In the end I never found out. Actions were taken to their logical end, and then, nothing. Doesn’t seem to be any consequences arising, no set-up for a sequel where the potentially revelatory ending will be explained. Just, ends.

I’ll give the book credit for starting a genre, and winning a lot of awards for doing so. But I think there’s a lot better sci-fi out there right now. And you don’t need to plug into a computer to find it.

2 out of 4 stars.

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