Left Hand: Milk Stout Nitro

I used to drink stouts willy nilly. Just kind of assuming they were good because that’s how they tasted and if I didn’t like it that was my fault for being unsophisticated. But no, today I stand up.

Left Hand’s Milk Stout tastes like they jacked off a cow into a Guinness. The downside is, I love Guinness. So I have a hard time saying it’s completely bad. But there is jizz in it. The beer is extremely dark, with a very foamy head (the bottle instructs you to pour hard, which good on them for trying to educate customers.) I really don’t want to finish this bottle. Maybe I don’t like milk stouts. It’s possible. Judging by Beer Advocates 91 rating, I’m in the wrong.

1 out of 4 stars. Would give to milk stout loving friends.

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