Avery: Liliko’i Kepolo

The Liliko’i is just the start of country wide trend of fruit tinted beers. It’s already happening extensively here in Colorado. Just you wait, it will be in cans and stores near you soon.

Passionfruit is good choice. It’s not as simple as apple or strawberry which makes you think it’s going to taste like a cider. It’s a tart fruit that lends itself to sour beers. Avery decided to put it into a Belgian style witbier. So instead of the orange on top of your Blue Moon, picture a tart passion fruit. It’s good and it’s bad. It smells exactly like it’s described. Tropical and tart. But on tasting it’s more like tart and belgian-y. A little too much coriander in there. It feels good to throw one back in the summer, but it’s not that refreshing. And it’s not tart enough to be a sour for sour beer fans. I’d rather have a passion fruit IPA. I think all that citrus would pair much better with some American hops than a witbier.

2 out of 4 stars. Would accept as a gift.

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