Dry Dock: Vanilla Porter

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on Dry Dock’s Vanilla Porter for a while now. Thank god for mix packs. The first thing I noticed upon opening the beer was how little it smelled like a porter. There was a light roasted smell, but honest to god I thought it might be a lager for a second. But nope, it pours a nice, deep brown with minimal bubbles or head. At first taste, I again was tricked. I assumed I’d be getting a deep porter with strong vanilla mixed in there. In reality, the vanilla is very subtle. And the beer itself is a lot lighter than most stouts/porters. Right now, I’ve almost downed my glass because it’s such an easy drinker and I’ve only just opened it. I guess I’m disappointed. But only because I was expecting something different. And that’s unfair to you, beer. You are entirely unoffensive and you go down easy. But I’d pick a different beer if I wanted some strong vanilla flavors in my drink.

2 1/2 out of 4 stars. Would order in a bar.

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