Kona: Longboard Lager

I’m a big fan of lagers. They get a bad rap because so many of the world’s shitty beers are lagers. Those usually come in thirty racks. If it comes in a thirty rack, it’s not a good beer.

So when I find a lager I like, I latch onto it like an overly protective boyfriend. Longboard Lager is delicious. It’s very light on many of the corn or grain tastes associated with lagers. It’s carbonated like a champagne that leaves a nice fizzle on your tongue. And it’s very light. I could have a six-pack of Longboard and not realize it until I got out of my chair and tripped over the dog

This is the beer you relax with after a long day of working hard. This is not a party beer. It’s best ice cold from a cooler and should be drunk laying down in a hammock or sitting by a fire.

3 1/2 out of 4 stars. Would get drunk again.

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